Male Spandex

Male spandex fashion and fetish

Did you know that male spandex is a huge turn on to many men and women. There are many of us who love wearing male spandex and many others who enjoy seeing men in spandex. There are many of us who enjoy seeing both men and women in spandex. Male spandex shows off a great bulge most of the time. Not always a large bulge but always something that catches your eye. Women’s spandex most often takes your eye to the vagina bulge and breasts both of which look fantastic covered in Lycra spandex and size does not matter there either. Sometimes seeing tiny breasts cover in spandex will get you more aroused then seeing large ones. Seeing a camel toe is a treat many men and women enjoy looking at and there are entire websites that cater to male spandex bulges and female camel toe bulges. Did you know there is even such a thing as a male camel toe and there are swimsuits that are designs to showoff the male camel toe. Male spandex is for form and function but also for fetish and sex. This blog will focus on spandex for fashion, sex and fetish. I hope you enjoy the ride!


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